DIY Fashion

Personally I love creativity, I can become engrossed in looking at art or how things are made – Fashion wise. Yet when it comes to actually creating myself I unfortunately seem to lack the skill.

I came across an amazing DIY website and they have some really great DIY tutorials to make your own wrap bracelets, transparent clutch or my personal favourite the door knocker belt.
 DIY Wrap Bracelets.

Lion belt.

I am going to try my hand at some sort of DIY fashion creation courtesy of the amazing tutorials over at HonestlyWTF. If my DIY turns out well I will be sharing pictures!

About gypsyjean

Liverpool born fashion addict. Goal in life to move to Los Angeles.
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1 Response to DIY Fashion

  1. Rainnie says:

    simple but not simpler!!! like this post 🙂

    Here’s my fashion blog:

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