I want to be American.

Native American.If I was Native American I would wear headdresses, feather capes, lace up moccasins, plaits, tassels, beaded dresses ALL AT ONCE. EVERYDAY.The style really fascinates me.My Native American style.

Etsy vintage suede geometric cape.

Minnetonka boots.

Headmistress feather headdress.


About gypsyjean

Liverpool born fashion addict. Goal in life to move to Los Angeles.
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4 Responses to I want to be American.

  1. haikuhippie says:

    ditto! I heart native american culture and pocahontas is one of my favourite historical women! 🙂

  2. Amber Philip says:

    What the hell is this!!!???? As a native american, I’m insulted…. why don’t you just spit in our faces while you’re at it….

  3. well, as a native american, I can tell you we don’t run around in “traditional” garb everyday..it is only reserved for sacred and ceremonial occasions. Plus what you see there is only the fashioned influences of one tribe. There are more than 500 Native American tribes, and we each have our own distinctive style and fashions. Check out the tradition stylings of my tribe-The Navajo.


  4. gypsyjean says:

    Apologies Amber I do NOT mean to offend at all, which is why I stated ‘If I was’. I do not believe all native americans are the same or dress the same I just admire the style of the particular pieces which i’ve stated and in my opinion I would feel proud if this was part of my heritage. xo

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